Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Random things

This is a dog with Demodex.  It has been losing hair for a year.  I'm not sure what the breaking point was that they decided to bring it in, but they did take all the treatments that I recommended.  I hope to see her for a recheck soon.  But it might not come in on my day.  Or at all.  People like this are 50/50 on rechecks.  But at least they have enough meds for 3 months. 
 I took this on my run after work one day at the park.  The trail had some good overlooks of the creek.  It should be prettier later in the spring.
 This was on a run near our house.  I thought it made a pretty photo.
 I delivered this kitten via c-section last week. It's sibling was born on Saturday and they finally brought mom in Monday.  We weren't sure the kitten would be alive.  But he was up and squirming in no time once I got him out!  Then we spayed the momma.  For obvious reasons I end a lot of pregnancies on the days I work at the spay/neuter clinic so it was nice to save this little one for a change.  Hopefully he and the other kitten will get good responsible homes.

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