Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We had a good time on our spring break in San Antonio.  We didn't have the greatest weather though, despite our efforts to head south for warmth and sunshine.  We took one day (which we hoped would be the nice day of the week) to go hiking.  It was cool and cloudy with a little drizzle but we headed out to Enchanted Rock anyway.  It was a pretty hike, the landscape is different from Missouri.  But the trails were not marked very well and it would have been prettier in the sunshine I think. 

 These two pictures are the same but I played with the color functions.

 I was a little obsessed with the purple flowers.

 The nicest day of the week we ended up going to Natural Bridge Caverns-there was actually some sunshine that day.  In this picture you can see the natural bridge that is near the entrance to the cave.
 They also offered other activities here such as a zipline.  I took pictures but did not zipline.

 The grounds at the cavern.

 Inside the cave-it was one of the better caves I have been to.

 More flowers at the cave site.

 The natural bridge from another angle

 Obligatory picture of the Alamo.  We didn't realize it would be right in downtown.  Like, there is a Ripley's believe it or not and a t-shirt shop right across the street.  Kind of weird.  We didn't actually go in, because we didn't want to wait in line.  But we walked around the grounds and gardens.
 We spent quite a bit of time on the Riverwalk.  Jerry and I went running there a few mornings and we did some eating and shopping and a boat tour along it.  It's really pretty and especially if the weather is nice!  I'm sure it's even better when everything is in full bloom.

 Since the weather was not great we also did some indoor activities-mini golf, movie (great reclining seats), and shopping.
Overall San Antonio was a nice place for a long weekend but I don't think we would want to spend a long vacation there.

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