Sunday, March 13, 2016

Another progress report

Before we left last week Zodiac was pretty much eating only chicken and hot dogs.  And then had another bout of diarrhea and also decided he didn't like hot dogs so much.  So, we put him back on some metronidazole, added in some Ondansetron for nausea and some Mirtazapine for nausea and to stimulate appetite and also tried some Hill's i/d stew to see if he would like that.

Luckily he did like the food and was content eating this food along with his chicken (and some gravy) supplemented with a few treats while we were gone.  He still seems relatively content  with this so we are continuing on it.  And his GI system seems improved so we discontinued the metronidazole.  However, he is off his j/d and some of his chewable supplements for his arthritis.  I felt like the last few days he hasn't been wanting to get around as much so I knew we needed to get back to doing more for his discomfort.  So I upped his gabapentin to three times a day and started back on a low dose of Rimadyl and will continue adequan every two weeks.  He seemed better today-he was up and about more and even tried to "run" in the yard.  His back end is pretty weak though, it has been getting weaker for awhile and not much we can do about that.  But we will just do the best we can for as long as we can.

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Sending pawsitive thoughts & strength to Zodiac.