Monday, February 29, 2016


Zodiac is doing a lot better-for the most part. He started drinking on his own Friday finally so got to have his IV catheter removed. He's getting around much better too-walking all over the house and yard almost as much as he did before. He still has a head tilt though and circles to the left a lot.

The biggest issue is eating. He acts like he wants to eat-and will eat something that he really wants, but it's getting harder to find things he really wants. He seems to be having trouble adapting to eating with his head crooked. Which is pretty tricky if you think about it. But, since he may always have a head tilt he needs to learn! He has been enjoying some chicken breast-so far he still thinks that is worthwhile. I also picked up some a/d today which he can lick-either plain or watered down or can be syringe fed. Hopefully he will be willing to lick it up because long term force feeding is not really ideal. But it's only been a week so hopefully by the time we leave on vacation he will be more improved. 

Meanwhile I worked on some more crafts. I was supposed to do this crayon thing with the girl I'm mentoring today. But she was sick so we are doing it in 2 weeks. I tried it on my own today to see how it would work. I like how it turned out. 
 I made some more bottles and jars too. 
The blue one I already posted but these three look cute as a set so I left it in the photo. 

The grape one turned out good. I was  little skeptical at first but I ended up really liking it. I would suggest superglue and not hot glue though-I had to reglue some of the grapes because they kept popping off. 

I really like the way this silver paint looks in the middle one. It actually says live, laugh, love if you rotate it. I think it would  have been better to use one word per bottle or write the other direction so you can see it all better. 

The last one is torn wrapping paper glued and sealed with mod podge. Really easy and looks cute-endless options too. I have also seen it done with road maps. 

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Diana said...

I'm glad Zodiac is doing better.