Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend stuff

Saturday night my friend's husband was competing in an Endurocross dirt bike event here in Springfield.  We decided this would be a fun new thing to watch so we went along.  It was fun-we got to see some high jumps and lots of crashes.  But it's not something I would do every weekend.  It was really loud and there were lots of fumes in the building.

Sunday Nadin was invited to a surprise birthday party for one of the other exchange students.  We picked up two other girls on our way to the party-and since it was over an hour away we stayed for the party too.  The food was great, the kids had fun and we enjoyed watching them play games.

I've been working on my goal, once again, to run 1000 miles this year.  Luckily we have had some great weather lately-not too cold for me and not too hot for Legend, so she has enjoyed going with me quite a bit.

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