Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ha Ha Tonka

Sunday we had more nice weather and wanted to go somewhere that we could hike with the dogs.  We knew pretty much everyplace would be busy on a nice weekend in January and and it wasn't likely we would be able to let the dogs off leash.  So we decided to go to Ha Ha Tonka where we could at least enjoy the castle ruins and natural spring-it would give Nadin something new to see besides just another walk in the woods.

It was really pretty and we got some good family photos.  But I bet it's even better in prettier parts of the year.  We have been once, but it has been so long ago we barely remember anything.  So it was a nice trip for everyone.

I just thought this green moss looked cool since it stands out this time of year.
 Cheri and Renny at the natural bridge.
 Castle ruins

 Natural bridge

 Legend got bored while we consulted the map.

 We even saw an otter swimming in the spring.  It was so cute, but too far away to get a good photo.

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Great photos!