Sunday, February 14, 2016

Product review: Hill's Dental Chews

It's been a while since we have done a review.  It's been pretty busy around here, plus our Bark Box keeps us well supplied on treats. But this month since it's pet dental health month we decided to try the Hill's Dental Chews.  I picked these since I use and sell a lot of Hill's products. Also I don't get to see the Hill's rep much and didn't even know about these!

We received the bag of medium sized chews which are for 25-50 lb dogs (there is also a smaller size but I have not seen a large size).  These seemed slightly  harder in texture than a greenie so I was interested to see how long they lasted.

As far as taste-no complaints in our house.  All of our dogs and Reaghan loved them.  And they are a bit tougher than a greenie, as they seemed to last marginally longer.  So, not something they are going to chew on for minutes or hours, but it did at least take them a few bites!

I did end up taking Lyrics away though.  I was afraid since it was a little harder than a greenie she would end up chewing off a big hunk and then trying to swallow it whole.  We have had good luck with her eating greenies appropriately but I was a little worried about these.  So if you have an overambitious small dog-then I suggest just getting the small dog size and trying those.

As far as cost I think even with my veterinary discount these came out cheaper than a greenie so I will probably use them again!

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