Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This month's animal updates

Slick has gained a ton of weight since getting here and looks so much better.  Maybe when it's nice this week I can get some photos.  She looks like a regular horse again!

Reaghan has settled in well, She has readjusted to the rules of the house and is happy and social and giving us no trouble.  As soon as I get some new pics of her she will up for adoption again.  I don't think she has lost much weight but we are working on it.  It's hard to believe her adopters had such issues with her.  She's been great here.

Legend had a seizure sunday evening.  It has been four months since the last one and since I bumped her back up to 50% of her starting phenobarb dose.  Four months is an acceptable interval but I prefer her to have none if possible so we have put her back at 100% of her starting dose for now.

I started Zodiac on Adequan injections today in hopes it helps him get around better.  I took some radiographs of him the other day and didn't notice an appreciable amount of arthritis in his legs and spine but his reflexes are strong and normal. So I'm still not sure if his mobility issues are orthopedic or neurologic but I figured the Adequan won't hurt anything.

No one else has anything interesting to report!

The people in the house are looking forward to our spring break trip!

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