Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Product Review: Halo Liv-a-littles

We did another product review for Chewy.com this month (well, actually April but I'm a little behind).  We chose the Halo Liv-a-littles treats for cats and dogs.  We whose the salmon flavor.  These are a dehydrated treat and contain only salmon (comes in other flavors as well). They are light on stink and mess because of the dehydrated status and easy to to use a snack but also the right size for training.  They can also be broken into smaller pieces if needed.

The dogs liked them but that was no surprise.  I was more interested to see how they fared with the cats.  Not that our cats are picky, but some things they like more than others.  And these are a HUGE hit!  Both Twix and Sundae loved them but Twix was extra nuts about them.  She kept trying to paw them out of my hand and even tried to get them out of the jar...quite frantically actually!  I even got photographic evidence.


Sundae tried more of a "pretty please" approach

But still got a little crazy eyed

Down side, these are a bit on the pricey side.  So not something I would likely purchase on a regular basis.

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