Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Unusual: Part 12

1.  A random stranger left a message on the clinic answering machine saying he was just outside sitting at the bus stop and was wondering if we were hiring.  He also gave us this useful advice-did you know if you move, and just let let your cat out of the carrier when you get there it will run away?

2. A client brought in a container of "something" and wanted to know it their cat had pooped out it's intestines because it looked like chittlins.  It wasn't intestines but did look like it may have passed some kind of foreign body.

3.  Client found a chewed up cat in their yard and later a chewed up possum.  They wanted to know if a fox had done this. My guess would be no, but I'm only guessing which is all anyone can do in this case.

4.  We recover our animals after surgery on a heated mat with pillowcases of warmed rice next to them.  When posting a picture on facebook to show off our new heated mats, two people asked if the feral cats were tied up in the pillowcases so they don't get away?

5.  A high school aged job shadow stated that she either wanted to be a Disney princess or a vet but didn't want to move to Florida so decided to go with vet.  I'm pretty sure neither one of those are going to happen.

7.  Client dumps their litter box in the back yard. Dog goes out and eats the cat poop.  They want to know how to get him to stop doing this.  Seriously, you need to call your vet for this?  Stop dumping in the back yard.

8.  More than one person has thought their average domestic cat was half bobcat.

9.  A large male pitbull came in with a good sized irregular scar on it's back.  When asked how he got it the owner said he got attacked by a groundhog.  Yeah, I'm sure that was it.  Because small mammals get the jump on large predators so often.

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Lisa Bishop said...

Well, I was laughing and shaking my head until I got down to your final "unusual". Believe it or not, I had a dog attacked by a groundhog/woodchuck once. This critter weighed at least 15 pounds and, once cornered, became pretty tough. My large terrier eventually killed it, but not before some damage was done to his backside. I don't believe a woodchuck would be the aggressor (unless it had rabies), but I do know for a fact, they can fight when provoked!