Monday, May 23, 2016

Winner winner, bacon dinner

This weekend we ran the Great American Bacon Race.  There was bacon at the  water stop and a lot of bacon themed food at the finish line.  Great if you love bacon, not so great if you happen to be vegetarian!  I'm not a big fan of bacon on my baked goods but the cinnamon rolls were pretty good once I picked the bacon off.  I did eat some regular bacon plain.

I finished as the 3rd overall female but 2nd in my age group.  They gave out these painted pigs as trophies.  This will be one of my more unusual awards on my shelf.  Right up there with watermelon I think, but of course the watermelon is not on display-we ate it!
We liked the course-it was on a paved trail through the trees and with views of the lake.  But our main complaint was the distance.  If you have an out and back course, and you can make the turn around anywhere, then why not make it at the correct distance?  I understand if you are trying to make a loop on the roads and have streets and intersections and stuff to deal with you might not get it exactly right.  But when you are on an open trail and you just have to measure out half way and then tell people to turn back, how do you manage to make the race almost a 1/4 mile too long?  At least I had GPS so I can tell where I was when I hit the actual 5K mark and what my overall pace was.  Would be even more frustrating for people who were just wondering what was up with their time!

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