Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome Riot

This little guy is our new foster. He got a rough start in life but hopefully things are going to get better for him soon.

Riot is about 6-8 months old and maybe 3 months ago his owner's girlfriend ran over him with the car and broke him femur (through his growth plate, while he was still growing). They did not seek medical care and it underwent a disastrous "healing" process. A few days ago someone (I'm still not sure we know who) took the dogs (this one and one other) drove them into town where they were witnesses being pushed out of a moving vehicle. This landed them in the local shelter. Initially the shelter staff thought his injury was from being tossed. But a trip to the vet and tracking down the original owner brought the truth about his injury to light. Faced with negligence charges or surrendering the dog, the owner released him to the shelter who transferred him to rescue. Consultation with the orthopedic surgeon concluded that a possible procedure to "correct" his leg would be expensive, lengthy, and carry only a guarded prognosis for reasonable function. Sadly, this leaves his best alternative amputation, which I will be doing later this week. He's quite the little pistol though and will do great on three legs.

He hasn't been feeling very well today though-has some tummy troubles. But hopefully he will be feeling well enough by Thursday to still have surgery. Also he's an abdominal cryptorchid so once he heals from the amputation he will have a more invasive neuter surgery. Poor kid can't catch a break!



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