Monday, April 3, 2017

Kentucky NW3

We headed to KY this weekend for their first NW trial. They did a good job and other than the fact that only two dogs passed the NW3 it seemed to go well and everyone had fun. And no, Legend was not one of the two dogs. Interiors and containers had a terrible pass rate. Legend failed both. There was a second hide in room one that tripped up a lot of dogs including her. She worked the area of the hide (a desk) a lot but was never able to source it. We got to the 30 second warning and I just figured it was odor blowing over from the other hide but I guess it wasn't. I don't feel bad about it though. That's kind of an anomaly for her to miss an interior, and she was not the only one by a long shot!

Other dogs were apparently failing containers by missing a hide. No consistency to which one but mainly they were not getting both. Legend alerted on an empty box. Again. This is frustrating because she never (in general) does this in the other elements. Or not even usually in containers that aren't boxes. So I guess we will be working really really hard on boxes for the next several weeks!

Sunday I volunteered and got some score room training. It was and NW1 and went super fast. Some of the times I was entering were amazing. Placements were super competitive. We finished early and I drove the whole 8 hours home to sleep in my own bed and enjoy a day off!

Friday we made a pit stop on the way up. No time to do much but I did get a shirt. 

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