Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Speaking of nosework

Guess what we did last weekend? Yep, trialing again. This time on the road to Joliet, IL. We were able to get there early enough to get in a little walk. But it was chilly and windy so we didn't stay out long. 



The trial was held at Chicagoland speedway. Which was different than a school or a camp. The search areas were not groundbreaking though. Just parking lots and empty garages, public bathrooms. We didn't get to search race cars or anything. 

Legend started off strong in interiors. I felt really confident and it was a good start. Next was containers, directly to vehicles. We went into containers with a plan. And then promptly has a false alert on a bag. Very unusual for her given that it wasn't a box. Other dogs did the same thing. Not sure why.  We tried to keep our chin up and head out to vehicles. 

Legend went straight to a trailer and worked it for awhile. I could tell the way she worked it the odor wasn't even there but blowing over. But we checked the back side. She did a very questionable alert which I called since we had nothing to lose but of course it was wrong. Once again, if it doesn't feel right-keep your mouth shut!

Exteriors was last and we were strong in that. No worries there. 

I was hoping to get a ribbon tonwe could take a picture at the Gatorade Victory Lane but we had to settle for this P in interiors. The P is for pronounced and the judge awards that to teams that do exceptional work in an area.  

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