Sunday, April 9, 2017

More puppies

If you are local you may have seen this story on the news

It's about a hoarding case in Pulaski county where the animals were not only hoarded but then abandoned. Many were already dead when help arrived. I work with one of the clinics who is doing some of the care for the animals. This one has a broken leg.



Despite the non ideal age of the fracture my colleague has tried to pin it. We are hoping for the best. This little guy is being fostered with us. 
Here are his post-op films. He's a trooper. Always so happy. 

None of they animals can be spayed, neutered or adopted until the owners relinquish or the case is tried. But so far they have not been able to locate them to even press charges. 


So here they all are-time for puppies to go to sleep!


And finally one of handsome Havoc, looking more grown up but not always acting it. He's hopefully getting adopted in the next few weeks. 


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Knotty Toys For Good Dogs said...

Strength to these fellow canines & those who are assisting them.
Thankfully, they have been rescued.
My huMom is always reminding others that it is our responsibility to speak out for the voiceless.
If we suspect hoarding, backyard breeding or any illegal/harmful behaviour involving animals we must speak up.

Nose nudges,
CEO Olivia