Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Behind again

I'm behind in blogging again.  So, Epic started obedience class a few weeks ago. Not surprising, he's quite the star. But, we still need to work a lot on not breaking stays when he gets letter and just not running up and jumping on people in general. But the actual obedience part he's getting down.  He's also in a nosework class and that's going well too. 
Legend was sick last week, feeling a little dull and running a fever. Her tests were all basically normal. Time and medication have restored her to normal. 
We keep our desktop computer in what was our office, and then became a spare bedroom. We don't use it much but when we do it's a hassle because we try to keep the animals out of there. Mainly because we are almost always housetraining something and we have carpet in there. So, we decided to move it to the dining room. It makes the room a little crowded, but so much more functional, we don't eat in there much anyway. 

This also required a new desk. Took about 3 hours to put together but we like it. 

This is just Slick looking pretty. 

Babies at work looking cute 

Lyric playing with a toy-a rare occurrence. I had some cute video too but haven't put it on you tube. 

Pool day at the lake a few weekends back!

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