Friday, August 11, 2017

Fracture healing

These are all the films we took of Epic's leg as it was healing.  I though it would be nice to post them all together.  Occasionally I see him carry it a step or two.  But, hopefully with time that will go away as well.  Plus, he plays pretty hard with Nike, so it's not totally surprising.

Here is the original fracture


 Three weeks post-op

 Five weeks post-op

 Eight weeks post-op

 Twelve weeks post-op.  Finally healed!  The pin came out a few days later.

Thanks Dr. K for not giving up and going with amputation!


Anonymous said...

Is that leg now shorter than his other one? do you think it will affect him much if so?

Nicki said...

It's not, it just looks the way because his leg was too stiff to fully extend for the x-ray. Just an optical illusion :)