Monday, August 21, 2017

Product review: Wellness core Simply Shreds

It's been awhile but I decided to do another review for this month.  This time we picked a cat product.  The Wellness Core Simply Shreds are promoted as savory side for cats.

First of all, cats love this.  All 5 of ours, plus Lollipop who only stops by for snacks these days, preferentially ate this before their regular diet, including their canned food.  So yeah, if you're looking for a really special treat or something to encourage eating this is great.  However...

This is essentially just tuna and a lot of juice.  Yes shrimp too, but mostly it looks and smells like tuna.  There are only four ingredients which is nice if you're watching for certain things, but that's also bascially the same as tuna.  Here's the kicker though.  These come in a 1.75 oz pouch, which is about 1/3 the size of a tuna can but for about the same price (roughly $1.00). So basically this is a fancy way to feed your cat tuna.

But convenience you say!  What if you don't want to feed a while can of tuna and you don't want so store leftovers is this a viable alternative?  Maybe.  It comes in individual packets but it's very juicy.  I've yet to open one and not splatter at least some juice on me.  Also all the juice dumps out first and then you have to shake or spoon out what's left of the meat.  So overall, I didn't find it all that user friendly.  But maybe if you travel or, don't buy tuna, or something it might work.  It's not a product for me, but certainly might be for someone else!  And again-cats love it, so that is a huge selling point to many!

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