Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Award

We've been given this award by both Cedes of Change and Exercise Finished
One says to share 7 things about yourself and one said 7 things about your dogs, so here are both (because I know you care so much about these random facts)
About me...
1. I'm an agility addict and practice veterinary medicine in my spare time
2. I'm NOT a morning person
3. I will get up for agility!
4. I don't like to cook, sometimes I don't even want to make a sandwich
5. I won't paint any wall in my house white, off white, eggshell, cream, etc
6. I have a tendency to collect coats, jackets, sweatshirts, etc but I hate cold weather
7. I love my iPhone
About the dogs...
1. Zodiac barks at the rabbit every time I get out the vacuum
2. Legend attacks the vacuum
3. Lyric eats bugs
4. Legend is a dainty eater, but a sloppy drinker
5. Zodiac will try to herd dogs, horses, pigs, and rabbits, but not cats
6. Lyric likes Legend to go outside with her so she can bark and chase her around the yard
7. All three were dogs someone else didn't want anymore
Now I'm supposed to pass this on to some other people. I'm sure some of you have already gotten this but here it is again! And yes I'm too lazy to put a link in for everyone
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Happy Blogging!


LauraK said...

Awww I'm honored that we got picked :) I'll have to think about this today and post about it this evening! Great facts about you and your pack!

Sara said...

Oh thanks, I'll work on it.

I'm addicted to my phone too. It's embarrassing.