Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quit Stalling!

As usual, pun intended. After putting it off for almost 6 years we finally got stalls put in for our poor horses. And it only took one day! No thanks to the Ozark Orscheln's, that's for sure. We had to special order 2 ten foot panels to fit the dimensions of our barn. They couldn't find the price the day we were there so they were going to call us and confirm the price and place the order. After several days I checked in because they hadn't called and they were finally able to look it up for us. Then they told us they would call when they came in after I specifically confirmed that this was the case. I even gave two separate people my phone number. No call. So today we decided to check on them. Yep, they came in Tuesday or Wednesday. We told them no one called us and barely got and "Oh, sorry" out of them.

Anyway we got the rest of our supplied at Lowe's and everything went great. The wood lining on the walls was already there so all we really needed was to do a little prep work and anchor the panels to the wall and connect them to each other. It was more convenient on the installation to use the panels that hook together than to use gates. But it's a little more trouble to open and shut the panels because they rest on the ground so they don't swing freely. But we won't be using them too often. They are having dinner in there tonight and spending a few hours getting used to the idea of being so confined. They seem to be taking it well.

What do you thing-do they look comfy and cozy?

Barney was worn out after all the excitement of the day!


Diana said...

It turned out very nice. Diana

Chris and Ricky said...

Beautiful!! The horses will really appreciate their new accomodations!

Sue said...

They look very comfortable to me. Much better than being in the hot sun all the time. It looks like Barney did most of the work.

Ellie said...

Hey there! I just found your blog via the Pets Blogroll and I can't wait to read more about your dogs :)