Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In other news

Squirt's feet are much better. He can walk around like a normal horse now and requires no special treatment.

Lyric rocked at agility practice the other night, despite an unfortunate incident involving a jump still set at 20 inches. Oops.

Zodiac got sprayed by a skunk while I was gone last week. Jerry did a great job bathing him but he's still a bit stinky when wet. I bathed him again this weekend so he LOOKS great, but smells a little skunky.

Legend would prefer to spend all day playing ball and swimming, so no real change there.


Sue said...

It was a long time before Bailey lost her Skunky smell. She got it in the face, so every time she opened her mouth we got treated to a new whiff.

Paint Girl said...

That is one thing I have never had to deal with, skunk spray! Yuck. Thank goodness, I have heard it takes awhile to get it out! Hopefully you will be free of skunk smell soon!

Sara said...

Dogs really get sprayed by skunks? I thought that was just something you see I tv. Wow, that must have been horrible.

tervnmal said...

Oh yuck. Have fun with that. Connor tried getting sprayed one summer but he had the skunk pinned in a corner of the fenceline and it couldn't turn around. It was a very angry skunk. TG Connor came when I called him.