Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures to follow

Trip's mom invited us out to the fancy private dog park they belong to after the trial on Sunday so all the dogs could play and swim.  The park was great-90 acres all fenced in, two agility fields, a lake with a dock and plenty of room to run and hike.  Lyric got to do the teeter while we were there to regain her confidence which was great.  Then the dogs, well the three that like swimming, had a blast diving, swimming, splashing and fetching.  Legend jumped off the dock once, but wouldn't do it again.  We took a little walk and they had so much fun just running all over.  Lyric stayed right with me and Mary but the wild children were everywhere.  It was fun to see Trip with his old buddies and his new ones all together.  I took some pics but they need edited so I will post them later this week when I am home.  Oh, and Trip got an ILP (well actually PAL) as a Border Collie-he is officially "Extreme Power Trip."  Cute huh?


LauraK said...

That is a very cute name, I'm so excited to see pictures!

Man, I want a dog park like that- Agility fields and 90 fenced acres, holy smokes! I bet your pups had a blast!

Sue said...

Nice name, it suits him.

Sage said...

Wow--I want to go to that dog park! Mom says I need lots of run time and it sounds perfect.