Thursday, August 30, 2012

Interceptor Update

Those of you who use Interceptor for their heartworm prevention may know there has been a shortage due to a stop in production for quality control reasons of other drugs-mostly human OTC drugs.  There was not actually a problem with the Interceptor or the Sentinel.  

I read a statement from Novartis today indicating that Sentinel should be back in production this fall.  Sentinel, if you are not familiar with it, is essentially Interceptor with the insect growth regulator Lufenuron added.  Lufenuron sterilizes flea eggs but does not kill live fleas so I have always found this product to be very overrated.

There is no date yet set for the production of Interceptor to begin.  In fact, the company may not bring back Interceptor in it's original form at all, instead opting for a more broad spectrum product also containing the drug Praziquantel, which controls tapeworms.  This formulation is already available in other countries.  

I find this highly annoying because Praziquantel and Lufenuron are both expensive additions that my dogs don't need.  I almost never need to deworm my dogs for tapeworms and with the use of flea products that actually kill fleas, I also don't need to use a product like Lufenuron.  I think most people will agree that unnecessarily driving up the cost of heartworm preventative is not going to make anyone happy.  

I don't have any issue with Heartgard except that it does not control whipworms and I really like having that additional parasite covered since my dogs go so many places.  This development will probably make Elanco (makers of Trifexis) and Bayer (makers of Advantage Multi) happy since their products also control whipworms.  However they are also flea preventatives as well which some people don't need or want leaving  no options for those who just want regular old heartworm and intestinal worm control at a good price.  

Let's hope Novartis comes to their senses.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


Sara said...

Glad to hear that at least Sentinel will be back on the market. I know a few people who are getting interceptor from Australia...but hear it's not exactly the same.

I, too, hope they bring back interceptor. For people who live in the snow belt, we really don't need the flea protection for at least 6 months out of the year. Seems silly to give it to the dogs unnecessarily.

Border Collie Mom said...

We have not yet had to switch as our vet STILL has some stock of Interceptor on the shelf, which really puzzles me...
I hope that Excedrin comes back soon also- I can't believe it, but there is nothing out there that works like an Excedrin, even though the ingredients are the "same".
This whole situation has made me think about the idea of generics and where my medicine (people and pets) is coming from.

Miltin Jack said...

My friend suggested me interceptor heartworm for dogs instead of Sentinel. Is it really effective?