Monday, August 20, 2012

Second verse, same as the first

But longer.  We tackled the second room of our flooring project this weekend.  And I mean all weekend.  Laying the floor isn't actually that bad (ok, after 8 hours it is) but getting everything ready is.  Here is some of the "deconstruction" and the disarray created in the rest of the house.
 After seeing both sides of the carpet and the pad (and noting the stench left on my hands after handling it) I'm fully repulsed by the fact that we were too lazy and too cheap to do this sooner.  It would appear that this is the original carpet, making it about 20 years old.  And at least some of the previous owners had kids and pets.  Pretty rough life for carpet it would appear!  So even though I'm very excited about the new carpet we have picked out, I'm equally as glad we are only going to have two rooms of it to take care of!

It wasn't until I had baseboards laid out and cleaning them that I noticed they don't all match.  A little disturbing that it took me eight years to notice huh?  They don't actually match the door frames either in places.  I'm not sure why you wouldn't make everything match when you build a house but maybe that's the effect they were going for. 
I also noticed there are a lot of nicks and scratches not only on the baseboards but in strange places in the the door frames and and window frames.  Seriously?  How did some of that stuff happen?  Were there some really unruly dogs in the house?  And how do you even spend that much time close enough to a baseboard to inflict that much damage?

Anyway, a progress picture...

 Almost done, before furniture...
 Finished!  Well, almost, we still have a little trim to install and piece of baseboard to replace. 
 We were a little worried it would be overwhelming with all the wood furniture and brown walls but it really isn't.  We had thought about adding some throw rugs for color but I don't really think we need them.  Except for the bathroom where we will put some mats in front of the tub and sink. 

Now we just have to wait for the carpet!  Well, we actually have to move the furniture for the carpet people, but then we just get to sit back and watch.  And move the furniture back. 


tervnmal said...


At our house, the baseboard in the upstairs hallway is full of nicks . . . from me throwing dumbbells in the winter.

Kathy said...

Beautiful!! Saw your post earlier but the damn code you have to type in was winning :-).

Nicki said...

I know! I tried to take off the need for the code, but I kept getting spam :(