Monday, August 6, 2012

New Floor Room 1

After almost 8 years we are finally replacing our carpet.  It needed replaced when we moved in, but now it really needs replaced.  It's wrinkled, worn, stained, and I'm sure in some places-smelly.  I don't even know what this is, it was on the carpet when we moved in. 

Plus I've never like this color.  So, it was time to get something new.

In the living room and computer room we are getting new carpet installed (sometime next month) but in the extra bedroom (where the bunnies are) and the master bedroom we decided to go with laminate.  Partly because that is where the animals spend most of their time and partly because the carpet we picked out is so expensive!  The laminate we picked out was a really good price but installation wasn't cheap so we are doing it ourselves.  It's not so bad once you get started but prepping the room and laying the pad is kind of a pain.  Here we are partway through...
And here is the chaos in the living room while we worked...

The dogs spent a long, boring weekend shut in the bedroom to keep them out of the way.  They were not impressed.  Icy, who usually helps, found a nice spot out of the way for a change.

I put the bunnies penned up together in the dining room.  I thought they might bond over being in a new location, on a slick floor together.  The first day there was lots of irritated "thumping."  The second day Summer had resigned herself to the fact that she was stuck with him.  Kahuna then spent the day pestering her and it was an endless cycle of her hopping across the pen from one litter box to the other trying to get away from him.  But on the third day they were living happily ever after.
Also by the third day, we had completed room number one!  Zodiac wanted to be in the picture too.

Then the furniture returned.  The bunnies seem pretty happy with their new setup.

In a few more weeks we will tackle the next room!


Karissa said...

The snuggly bunny photo is too cute!

The floor looks great! I'm jealous, as that's exactly what I want. My carpet looks just like yours, stains included.

Diana said...

Wow, it looks great. You guys did a fantastic job!

Kathy said...

Omg must be the time of year ;-) our floor is getting replaced after 18 Yeats, the capet has holes/ stains I can not wait for it to go!!!! Hope ours turns out as nice as yours, The hard surfaces seen so nice with dogs/animals for the hair factor! You guys did agreat job and excellent taste in choices. What color carpet are you getting?

Paint Girl said...

Remodeling is such a hassle but oh so worth it! We just remodeled our whole house last year. We had to move everything out and then back in again. It was a nightmare.
The floor looks great!

Nicki said...

Kathy-the new carpet will be green.

Becca@Carpet Cleaning Melbourne said...

Thanks so much for blogging about this!
We have been considering carpeting in the living room because of some crazy un-level foundation issues, so this post was really great to read!