Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good news, bad news

Good news-my knee didn't hurt during the race on Sunday. Yay for physical therapists. So far anyway. 

Bad news-my foot has hurt since the race. The rest of my normal post big race soreness has resolved. Foot still hurts. 

So although I am not opposed to spending a few evenings plopped down on the couch watching TV, I hope not to spend a few weeks doing this. 

Always seems like as soon as I get really fit, I get hurt. At least I got a 10k and half-marsthon PR out of it first. But I have several races planned in about 3-4 weeks and had hoped to run well in them-still trying to get a 5k under 24 minutes. So I'll be bummed to miss out on training but I'd be even more bummed to not be able to run them at all. 

Either way, looks like more TV tonight. 

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Diana said...

Yea, my husband's knee was really swollen for a couple of days after the race. Its getting better. He said its only a little sore now. But he has everest toe. (thats what I call it.) His one toe is black with bruising. Ugh. Looks bad.