Monday, October 21, 2013

We ran Dogwood

Yesterday we did our first trail race, the Dogwood Canyon ( 15k trail 
run. There was also 25 
and 50k option for those more ambitious. 

Trail racing is a lot more exciting than road 
racing.  But more challenging and slower 
going. In fact it was quite grueling at
times and required some "hiking."  It 
reminded me of cross country but rougher. 
I averaged 11 minute miles which is way 
slower than my average, even for a nine
 mile race. 

I also got stung by a some kind of bee about 
halfway through. Naturally it was right in my 
arm pit where I continued to sweat into the 
wound for 5 miles. I also saw a huge, at 
least 10-12 point buck cross the
trail. Biggest white tailed deer I have ever 

Other than the bee sting we all finished 
unharmed, collected our fancy
finishers medals and enjoyed a free hot lunch. 

I ended up 6/31 in my age group. I thought 
that was pretty good for a first trail run. 
I've already signed up for another one next 
month. And I think we will plan on returning
 to Dogwood next year as well. 

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