Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pain in the arm

You may remember from last year that I was forced to get a flu shot to continue volunteering for pet therapy at the hospital.  This year was no different, except a bigger hassle.

You have to call and register first.  I have no idea why, since it's required, but whatever.  I called.  I left a message.  It took 4 days for someone to call me back.  Ok, yeah, two of those days were the weekend but still.  Last year I was able to go the wal-mart near my house, at my convenience to get the shot.  This year you have to go to the employee health center at the hospital.  Oh, or you can go to what is arguably the busiest wal-mart in town and get it there, with an appointment.  I chose the hospital.  Although the person who registered me seemed unable to tell me where the employee health center was or what the hours were.

There is construction going on at the hospital which makes it virtually impossible to park.  When I finally got in the door I found that the employee health center was at least easy to find.  The ensuing conversation went something like this.

 I'm here for the required flu shot.
 Did you register?
What's your name.
I give my name.
I can't find you.  Are you sure you registered?
Yes.  I talked to (person) from volunteer services.
So you are a volunteer?
Yes. I have a badge.
You are not even in the system as a volunteer.
Does this mean I don't need a flu shot?
No. How long have you been volunteering.
Would it be under a different name?
Let's just register you again.

And now, my arm is sore.

Again, much of my irritability from this stems from the ridiculous fact that the thought of a needle in my arm makes me light-headed.  But I think I have some valid reasons to be annoyed.

On a somewhat unrelated note when I compare hospital facilities to some of the places I have worked, factor in the increased salary and decreased chances of getting urine and feces on my clothing (especially as a clinical pathologist) I sometimes wonder why I did not go to medical school.  I think it had something do with puppies.  But puppies poop a lot...

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