Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's the principle

For those who don't know, Zodiac is a registered therapy pet and we make our assigned visits to the pediatric floor at one of the local hospitals.  This makes us official hospital volunteers as well.  In all their infinite wisdom, hospital administration decided to make flu shots mandatory for all staff and volunteers.  I know they would like us to believe that is an attempt to control infectious disease and protect patients but logic tells me some of the bigger reasons behind this decision are PR and CYA.

Think about this.  I spend 30 minutes once a month visiting the hospital and during that time essentially touch nothing other than my dog and the elevator button.  And if I feel sick, I stay home.

Compare that to all the visitors coming and going.  They spend hours on end with the patients, sit and sleep in the furniture, use the sinks and restrooms, touch the doorknobs, remote controls, pillows, sheets, bed trays and other public use items.

Now who is the greater risk to spread flu?  And you know they don't require visitors to get flu shots.  I realize in the overall scheme of life being forced to get a flu shot is not that big of a deal.  And I would like to have you believe I object only in principle.  But really, my objection stems from my aversion to needles.   I realize this sounds ludicrous based on my career choice, but it's only needles pointed at me that are the issue.  But, oh well.  At least it was free.

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