Thursday, November 29, 2012

The difference

I've been really lucky the last few years in that I usually only work a partial day or get to come home for lunch.  The dogs think this is really great, obviously.  But we didn't realize how great this was for us!

Apparently, even just coming home for an hour at lunch or being home in the afternoon-even if I'm not directly interacting with her does a noticeable amount to take the edge off of Legend's evening demand for attention and activity.

We had apparently been taking this for granted until this week when I worked three full days in a row without being able to come home for lunch.  By last night she was, to say the least, relentless.  So, not surprisingly she was like the energizer bunny and never wavered during our 7.5 mile run this afternoon.  At the end, instead of laying down while I stretched, she wanted to tug her leash.  When we got home she wanted to play ball.

Be very quiet, I think she is sleeping now.  Such is life with a border collie.


Karissa said...

Yes, I never realized just how easy I had it when the dogs came to work with me. The hubbub around the office and our daily lunch-time walk made evenings relatively easy. We'd either do some quick training or play frisbee and the dogs would crash for the rest of the night.

Since starting my new job where the dogs do NOT come to work with me and are home alone 10+ hours per day, things have changed. A lot. I'm learning that border collies are a giant pain in the ass. ;o) And bored border collies dig. A lot.


I think breaking their day up helps a lot!

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Oh my sometimes it seems you never know how/why routinues work so well until you are no able to do it then you remember, ooh yea, thats why we started that, hahahah