Monday, November 5, 2012

NADAC Weekend 1 of 2

This weekend was our first of two weekends of NADAC in a row.  We didn't get as many Qs as we would have liked but for the most part it went ok.

Friday night both girls were fired up!  They both picked up a Q in open Touch and Go and Legend Q'd in Elite weavers.  Lyric almost did but had one bobble that put her over time.  Legend refused the A-frame once as usual.

Saturday Lyric rocked another Touch and Go Q-that means she got her discriminations again! But then she poked around in jumpers and knocked a bar, pretty much refused to run in weavers and had off courses (tunnels-mostly at discriminations) in regular.  I had her entered in Novice Chances just to give us the last run we needed for our pick 12 entry but fully did not expect her to Q.  As is happened it was mostly hoops and tunnels (plus the dogwalk) and the parts she had to do from a distance were mainly tunnels (which she loves).  I did have to put one foot across the line to help her to the first "out" hoop but did the rest behind the line.  Even though we didn't Q I was quite pleased.  But, I guess the judge (or maybe the scribe) wasn't watching too close because it was scored clean so we got a freebie.

Legend remained pretty fired up on Saturday and was actually borderline out of control.  But she did get another elite weavers Q to finish her title.  She had an off course in Touch and Go but did all the contacts.  However in the first regular run she had some sort of meltdown over the A-frame.  The course started with hoop, A-frame which she naturally ran past.  I sent her again and still no go.  About the 3rd attempt she put all four feet on and bailed off.  Then I stopped, petted her, backed up and tried again.  And again.  And again a few more times.  No luck.  So we went around to the other side and tried.  She popped right over no problem.  I cannot even begin to explain this.  Anyway, in round two the A-frame was at the end and she blasted up and over and right on through the down contact.  Oh well.  Chances was a bust-as I mentioned it was mostly hoops and tunnels and Legend does not think hoops are very worthy obstacles.   I do have a hoop at home that I use in my distance sequences but only one.  I never thought the whole course would be hoops!  Anyway, Legend will only "go hoop" so many times.  And apparently that number is two.

Because Lyric was kind of unmotivated Saturday, on Sunday I gave her only a tiny breakfast and broke out the salmon jerky.  It did the trick.  She was flying all day.  Not that it got us many Qs though!  She didn't quite make time in jumpers and failed to complete a full set of weaves in regular, although she did nail her discriminations again.  We pushed as hard as we could in Tunnelers though and picked up her first elite Q!

Sunday Legend continued to be fast-this was one of her best weekend for sustained speed and enthusiasm.  She took a very unexpected off course in jumpers though then another one in regular, although I really wasn't  in good position since she was running faster than expected.  She did get a Q in the other round though to finish her Outstanding Elite Regular.  She also refused the A-frame once.  And then she picked up another elite Tunnelers Q.  Our last run of the weekend was Chances and I really felt it was a course she could do but I guess we have not been practicing enough.  She tried, but couldn't quite pull it all together.

We will be off to Oklahoma next weekend!


Karissa said...

Our last NADAC trial had courses with a bazillion hoops, too. Chances on both Saturday & Sunday had NO jumps. No jumps in Chances either day?? Not that Kaiser or Luke mind that sort of thing, but Secret doesn't find them very motivating.

I've reached the point where I don't even bother complaining about it anymore. There is no point. Things will never change -- Sharon will just keep getting crazier and changing the rules to suit her mood.

I wish I didn't love my NADAC friends so much -- and I wish my dogs didn't like the courses so much -- It would be easier to leave it behind. Alas, I seem to be stuck and thus must adapt.

Congrats on the Q's and YAY for fast Legend all weekend! That's great! I appreciate that kind of stuff even more than the Q's. :o)

Nicki said...

Agreed about Sharon. And I also enjoy my NADAC friends and the courses and at this point in time that's the most important thing to me so I guess we will keep at it. And yes, fast Legend means more to me than Qs as well.