Monday, November 12, 2012

NADAC Weekend 2 of 2

This weekend we headed to Oklahoma for the Lickety Split agility trial.  I have to say-Legend had a great weekend.  We arrived early enough to do the fun run so I got to have her do the A-frame several times for her frisbee in the ring.  She thought this was just as great as doing in at home.  She ended up with 6 Qs for the weekend but I thought all of her runs were "happy."  Saturday she had a Touch and Go, two Regular Q and one Jumpers Q.  Sunday, she picked up another Regular and a Jumpers.  These were some of her best Regular runs as she averaged around 10 seconds under Elite Proficient course time.  She's never been that fast in NADAC Regular.  And to top it all off she had no contact refusals all weekend!  Granted there were no courses that started hoop, A-frame but still, we will take what we can get! The only downside of the weekend was getting no Chances Qs though.  But she did finish all the Regular points she needs for NATCH so she is officially down to just 8 Chances Qs.  And (assuming the requirements don't get changed) she is more than halfway qualified for championships in the fall.

Lyric picked up a jumpers and a tunnelers Q but seemed to have some issue with weaving in the ring this weekend.

Here is Lyric's tunnelers run.  I know tunnels are not super exciting but how cute is Lyric running tunnels?
Here is one of Legend's jumpers runs.  It would have been nice to get one of her awesome regular runs on video but my companion for the weekend is not terribly reliable with the camera :(


Karissa said...

Seriously, Lyric needs to stop being so cute.

Nice runs! Congrats!

I've been in your shoes -- I think all of my dogs have their Regular & Jumpers points before they are even remotely close in Chances. As an example, both Kaiser & Secret already have NATCH 2 points in Regular & Jumpers.... Luke has balanced out some -- partly because I kept trying bonus lines and partly because we just had a rough patch there where for some reason we NQ'd in everything EXCEPT Chances. The nature of the game, I guess.

You guys will get there! Luke's first one took FOREVER (literally, longer than Kaiser, I think!), but the second one came in like 8 months. I think just because the pressure was off. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves for these "silly" awards.

BTW, did you hear how many 20" dogs there were at Champs this year? Three. Have you ever considered running Legend at 16" just to see what she does? Now that the points are combined I figure we may as well take every advantage we can. Sharon's plan is obviously working -- by combining the programs, we literally have 0-1 20" dog per trial these days! It's kind of weird.

Nicki said...

Wow-only 3? I was probably going to run her in 16 inch veterans at champs because I thought she would score better than running against the regular 20 inches. But maybe not huh? Seriously though I probably will move her to veterans when she turns seven. We still have a handful of 20 inches jumping full height around here.

Karissa said...

The three 20" dogs were combined with 16" Proficient dogs for scoring purposes. It was divided differently than in Springfield, based on entries. I think I heard that 4" and 8" Skilled were even big enough to be separate this time (more fair, IMO).

Who knows how it will be next year, though. It will pull from different areas than Utah and maybe the 20" class will be bigger.

The 16" Vet/JH is a great class to be part of! It was good sized in IL but not overwhelmingly huge (like 16" Skilled). I think your odds would be good there vs against the big 16" Prof group. Who knows, it's a crap shoot. ;o)

My hardest decision will be if Luke goes or not. He will be two months shy of 10 next year. If he could compete in DD it would be a no-brainer. We have to see how this year goes.

Diana said...

Very nice runs!!! I think my Java would like tunnelers.