Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Illness, injury, and the lack thereof

I don't think I mentioned this before but I ran more than 100 miles in October.  Go me right?  Well,  I only ran about 50 miles in September.  Granted, I know this is not a good idea but it sort of happened before I realized it.  Anyway this had left me with some mild shin splints toward the end of the month.  Of course at the time I just ignored it because I was too excited about hitting the century mark.  Once November hit I took a few days off but apparently spending the weekend pounding the dirt at the agility trial all weekend does not count as "off."  So I am taking this week off as well.  Bummer.  But as it happens I also came home from the trial with a mild cold so I guess it's just as well.

And I wasn't the only one who came home from the trial with an unwelcome guest.  Although Lyric is fine in every other way she has been having diarrhea since our return.  This has required two emergency baths thus far.  Today has been better.  I love my fluffy dogs but this is not cool.

In the "lack thereof" department, Legend is rapidly closing in a year of being seizure free.  This leaves me do decide if I should try and reduce her dose of Phenobarb.  On the one hand there is the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" argument.  She is doing very well, has normal bloodwork, no side effects, and no seizures.  On the other hand, why keep her on a potentially harmful drug she may not need?

More in the good news department-Zodiac had all his annual blood and urine testing done and all was normal!  He just seems to be a happy, healthy, almost 12 year old who is currently sleeping upside down around a corner.  You know, like a normal dog.


Blue said...

I hope you and Lyric feel better soon! It sounds like you could really use the week off.

Than is fantastic news about Legend! Iris is currently 6 months seizure free (by far her longest seizure free stretch ever). Go red dogs! And of course good news about Zodiac too :)

Karissa said...

I'm so glad that Legend is doing well! It's been so long that I'd forgotten all about the seizures. What fantastic news.

Are you not a fan of metronidazole? I'd totally be hitting that up like yesterday for Lyric! No fun with a fluffy-butt dog!

Nicki said...

Blue-that's super about Iris!!

Karissa-yes I do love Metronidazole but I think I have used in my dogs exactly twice! Benign neglect seems to work just as quickly most times. lol