Monday, October 7, 2013

Product Review: Merrick Jerky Strips

This month our review was for Merrick Jerky Strips.  We are always up for jerky around here since it often makes such a good training option.

First off, all the dogs loved these.  The cat passed.  They did not seem overly smelly or greasy but were strong enough to interest the dogs.  They were also relatively easy to break off into small pieces and were not so fragile that they broke when you didn't want them to.  They were however a little tough to break into pieces small enough for Lyric.  Not that she couldn't eat the pieces, but I just didn't feel comfortable with her swallowing that size whole!

No one got sick from these-always a plus.  They are pretty limited on ingredients and come in several flavors.  They are mid-range in price so a nice all around treat option.  Enjoy!

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