Saturday, October 10, 2015

A lot to celebrate

Yesterday was Lyric's 9th birthday. Hard to believe my "baby" is already nine.  We had a small cookie party to celebrate.  Lyric was really mad we make her do this sit stay for the photo and wouldn't put her ears up.  She was so excited to dig in she was shaking.

Then we enjoyed an evening at the firepit-Nadin's first bonfire experience. 

This morning is was off to the nosework trial.  This time it was a family affair.  Jerry, Nadin and I all volunteered during the morning competition.  Then they continued volunteering while Legend and I competed in the afternoon trial.  Here she is patiently waiting her turn.
Of course she totally crushed it and picked up her Level 1 Interiors title.
 In fact she was the third fastest dog in the combined search times.

Yes, that is 58.65 seconds for 4 searches which averages less than 15 seconds each.  So pretty proud of her and looking forward to tomorrow-hoping for that NW1 title.  But until then...

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