Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 4, the day after and home

Legend had a nice run  in round 7 sunday morning but missed the discrimination.  I opted to not fix it because I know she wouldn't have a chance to place without a clean run anyway so we just had fun.  In all she had 3 clean runs, 3 ninth places, one 10th and few others  I don't exactly remember but worse than 10th.  This landed us solidly somewhere in between our first champs experience and our second.

Overall we had a good time, although some of us did disagree with some of the decisions about how this year's event was run.  Many of us are interested to see what the future generations of NADAC holds when the next generations of Nelsons take over.  But anyway.  After awards, where we found out our team didn't finish in the top three we met with some friends for a nice dinner and everyone enjoyed getting to know Nadin a bit more.

Monday we enjoyed a day of actually sleeping past 5:30, then we packed up and headed home.  I cleaned the house and unpacked and went back to work today.  Another champs in the books!

Nadin's wake-up call Monday morning.

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