Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 1 update

Nothing really groundbreaking today. Legend had two clean runs which is super but finished 10th and 9th so just out of the ribbons. Dogs this year are either faster or running cleaner than two years ago when all our clean runs were good for placements. Round 1 was pretty ugly, and although clean it was a bit slow as she did a lot of wide turns and  had to go back and get a few hoops. But round two was pretty nice and her typical speed, so that's about the best we could have done. Gotta be ok with that-the rest is not up to me!

Our team "Controlled Substances" did pretty good but they are not giving out team ribbons for individual rounds. Which kind of irks me because the pre-elite division is getting big championship sized ribbons for running the equivalent of regular weekend courses. But, such is NADAC. 

Here are some team pictures for your enjoyment. We chose the name because we wanted a medical theme since we all have medicine based careers. 

Legend snuck a peek here!

And Nadin is loving all the much cuteness!

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Diana said...

LOL, what a cute picture (legend takng a peak).