Friday, April 22, 2016

Agility stars

I picked up Nadin at school on Friday and we headed out to Oklahoma with the girls for the Lickety Split agility trial.  I had entered the girls in Novice regular and Novice Jumpers for the weekend so Nadin could give handling a try.

Saturday Legend did pretty good with her.  The first run was a bit wild but that's not atypical for Legend's first run of the weekend.  Her second run was better. Once she got started I think they only had one off course.  Lyric wasn't so sure about staying in the ring with Nadin, but the judge and trial chair were nice enough to let her take Lyric to the end of the course and do a few obstacles successfully.

Sunday was a huge improvement though!  Lyric ran most of the course with her nicely but made up her own ending in both jumpers runs.  Legend did the same thing in her first jumpers run, but then managed to do the second with just off course.  So they didn't get a Q but they did get a ribbon.  In NADAC you can potentially place without getting a Q.  I don't usually pick up these ribbons because they don't mean anything for me, but this was a special occasion!

In regular Lyric ran like a champ, nailing her weave poles and everything.  But she did back jump one jump each round so no Q but really great runs.  Legend ran beautifully in round one but jumped her contact.  She was equally as wonderful in round 2 but she hit her contact and they got a Q!

Here are a few videos

I call that a good first trial!
Meanwhile, I ran Legend in Elite chances.  The first round she ran beautifully, only missing one jump in a tough course.  Round two was the same course, but this time it was a train wreck.  Go figure.  So, no closer to NATCH 2.

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