Saturday, April 23, 2016

Along came piggy

One day the neighbor texted me to ask if our pig was loose because there was one in her yard.  I assured her he could not get out.  A few weeks later, the same loose pig was in our yard.  Apparently yet another neighbor has been feeding her but no one knows where she came from or who she belongs to.

Then one morning I found her sleeping in the barn.  She started to spend more and more time here, sleeping in the barn and grazing in the pasture with the horses.  And bumming snacks off of us.  We considered taking her in and letting her be Jimmy Dean's new companion but she mostly seemed more interested in the horses and JD didn't seem too excited about a new friend.

But she began to become a nuisance at horse feeding time always trying to take Slick's meals.  We decided she would either need to move into the backyard or we would need to find her a new home or new neighborhood!  So far she and JD don't really seem to be best buds, but overall they are tolerating each other pretty well and so I think they will be ok.

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