Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good golly

This is little miss Molly.  She is the poster child for why not everyone should get a border collie.
She's a cutie.  But she's a bit of a train wreck.  Molly was purchased at Petland-strike one, by a family who really didn't know what they were getting into-strike two, and then allowed to run amok in the yard for a year learning bad habits and OCD behavior-strike three and her owners decided to hand her over to rescue.

We were not supposed to foster her but the foster home who volunteered to take her thought her issues, energy level and her total lack of desire to come when called was a bit of a deal breaker.  So here she is.

Molly can run in the yard all day and never get tired enough to come to a person.  In her mind all people do is end the fun by putting you in a crate.  She can be really sweet, but has never learned to bond with people and would prefer to be on her own if given the option.  She chases cars, birds, horses, etc and spends a lot of time barking at her shadow.  She has to be leash walked or turned out on a long line so you can catch her again.  She can be pretty responsive if you have her attention, but once she gets into her "chase" cycle it's hard to break her and get her to stop.

But we have been working on lots of positive interaction and hand feeding and she is starting to come around.  She will be a really cool dog someday if someone puts the work in.  And luckily we have a previous adopter who is interested in fostering to adopt and she has lots of time to spend working with her! Cross your paws!

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