Monday, May 8, 2017

Aruba Part 2

Just to the south of Palm Beach is Eagle Beach.  There is only one resort actually on the beach here.  And it's near the end.  The rest are across the street and there are really no amenities along large parts of it.  There are a few places that offer water sports and chair rentals but they get less frequent as you go further south.   Therefore it's a lot less busy and quieter. Also Eagle beach is huge-both wide and long.  I recommend hanging out across from the La Quinta.  There is a nice row of trees that block the road and if you get there early you can use a La Quinta palapa.  Also nearby is the Costa Linda resort which offers a beach bar for food and drink.  This area is also walking distance to a few more shops restaurants and a casino.  We simply took the bus from our hotel here.  Easy. We ended up spending the whole day.

 There are lizards everywhere.  Both in the "wild" and all over the resorts.

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