Monday, May 15, 2017

Never ending

Owning a home means a never-ending list of projects to be done. The first one we needed to tackle once home from vacation was a new pig pen fence. We wanted something that actually keeps pigs in and dogs out. While we were at it we decided to expand their area to give them more shade and grass during times we don't want them loose and also reduce our mowing!
This is the before pen. 


And here is the after. It was deceptively complicated to get this done. It could be better but it works and looks nice. 


Then I wanted to re-use some of the cinder blocks from the old pen. So I stole an idea I saw online. 
I painted the blocks different shades of brown. Added some plants and mulch and I think it turned out cute. The guy at Walmart said the cacti and succulents will live through the winter. I hope so. I just put regular plants on the bottom because they are closer to dog access and also the cacti were 4-7 dollars each. In fact, my little recycling project ended up costing almost $100. But we like it. 

Next up, painting doors, cleaning barn, and new garden area by small deck!

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