Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Back at home

While we were gone all of MO flooded.  Seriously.  Back roads to major highways.  We missed all the excitement other than our pet sitter had a hard time getting out to the house the first night but she did eventually get there and all was well.

Now that we are home everything looks good here.  Horses are getting slick and  shiny and grass is green.  Squirt was not fully cooperative in this activity.

In the dog world Missy is adoption pending.  She had a benign mass removed off her foot and then removed her sutures so she has a big wound to heal by granulation.  Will take awhile and leave a scar but will be ok.  So she's not getting to play as much as she would like.

Havoc is looking more and more grown up and still looking for a home.
The healing up the puppy's leg is still up in the air.  As is the legal issue surrounding him and the rest of the dogs.  Legend got into two element specialty trials and an NW3 in Colorado in June.  Lyric, well, she's just cute.

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