Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Aruba part 3

As a way of seeing the rest of the island we booked jeep tour.  Part of this was off road.  Be prepared for a rough ride if you choose this.  It was fun but borderline scary at times.

Ostrich farm was one of the stops.  This one was hoping I had food.
 Just some of the countryside.  Aruba is basically a desert.
 Natural bridges and black stone beach.  I don't think the pictures do this place justice.  Also is amazing how different the opposite coasts are!

 Donkey sanctuary-cares for over 100 donkeys all descended from when they were the main transportation for people and water on the island.  When they were no longer needed they were set free and this didn't go that well.  So now they have a sanctuary.
 More landscape.
 I guess some donkeys are still "wild."
 We also drove through the National park to see a cave.  The park was mostly dirt and cacti.  The cave was not interesting for those of us from Missouri. The last stop was Baby Beach-a swimming and snorkeling destination.

Baby beach is pretty busy.  These pics were strategically taken.

Another thing we did was go to the Italian restaurant at the Lighthouse.  We felt both the food and lighthouse were underwhelming.  If we had to go it over again, this is something we would skip.  The view was nice, you can see a long way, but it wasn't really better than the views we had from other places as far as being pretty.

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