Wednesday, September 2, 2020

2020 vacation part 1

Months ago we planned this amazing and jam packed east coast road trip. And then COVID happened. But I still wanted to go to the beach. So we figured camping would be safe. We’re not really campers but we figured we could make it work. We invested in a better tent-so worth it, and some other basics. We’ve also collected some on the way as we decided we needed more stuff. Camping is a real pain lol, but can have some perks. 

The first night we just got a hotel as we most needed a place to sleep since it’s a two day drive to our first stop. We stayed in West Virginia, which is a pretty state, but by all accounts not a great place to live. 

Then on to our campsite at First Landing state park near Virginia Beach. Great park, decent beach near the campground, plenty of facilities and conveniences and great trails for running or hiking. It was a bit warm but otherwise we enjoyed it. 

Our campsite!

Sunset at the beach 

And a rainbow!

We took a daytrip to Assateague Island to see the wild ponies, which was cool. 

From morning trail running

Daytime at the beach

Checking out the Virginia Beach Boardwalk after making sure it wasn’t too crowded 

Today we left and headed South to NC. We failed on the camping front here. The heat index was over 100 and mosquitoes were insane at the campsite. And we didn’t love this park as much. So we cancelled and got a hotel as to not be miserable. But we like the beach here. Carolina beach seems like a cute town with a nice little boardwalk. Had to get a hotel in Wilmington but enjoyed evening at the beach before heading in. 

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