Monday, September 7, 2020

2020 vacation part 3

We’re staying at a large family campground here. While we dislike the crowding and less natural feel, it does have a lot of nice amenities  (nicer if we could actually enjoy them as were trying to stay away from people). The first night was pretty crowded and loud-I would not suggest coming here on a holiday weekend or the high season. But now it’s getting better. And it’s just steps to the beach. Which a again, is amazing if it’s not crowded. Today was hugely better than yesterday. 

And there’s a nice strip of packed sand for running, so now we are beach running instead of trail running. 

After our run we spent a few hours at the beach and then over to the state park. 

Then we had a late lunch and cleaned up a bit. I enjoyed the early evening at the beach while jerry prepared for his fantasy football draft 

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