Sunday, September 13, 2020

Vacation part 5

Our last stop for camping was Tybee Island in Georgia. Although we didn’t actually spend much time here. It was evening after we arrived the first night so we just set up and had dinner and relaxed at the campsite. 

The next morning we went to the beach. The beach here is huge and quiet. It’s about a half mile walk from the campground. We did a morning walk and just spent a few minutes here. 

Then we headed off for a day trip to Hilton Head, which is overall a beautiful island. It’s very tropical and nicely landscaped and maintained. The shipping and eating and basically everything is a little (or a lot) classier than some of the other beach towns. The beach is lovely too. Maybe not quite as big as Myrtle beach but the sand and we’re seem equally as nice. 

The next morning we packed up camp and spent a few hours wandering in Savannah which is also a nice town. Lots of history, scenic streets and shopping and eating. 

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