Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Since we've been home

 Jadeed is still at training.  But Riesling and I have been on a few long walks.  I wish we had a little more space here or a longer gravel road. 

We took Sweets to the farm and he had a great time learning to be a farm boy! And as you can see he's very relaxed in the car. 

I took these before we left for the farm.   Little dude already weighs 22 lbs!

I spent a night with Lindsay so we could do our virtual half marathon. 
Kash was great in the stroller and we enjoyed the beautiful Katy trail and then lunch at the winery overlooking the river. 

Maze is always ready to help with any project. 
I got this cool drawing of Epic done personalized with references to our sports and hobbies and his name!  How cool is that?

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