Monday, April 19, 2010

NADAC Run4Rescue Trial

We (Legend, Trip, Lyric, Cheri, Vixen, Xena, and I!!) headed to Wichita this weekend for a NADAC trial. Other than multiple mishaps with the driving portion (wrong turns, closed roads, and a dead battery) it went pretty well.

Legend started out with 3Qs right off the bat in Novice Weavers, Open Jumpers, and Open Chances. It was her first time in Open Chances so I was really happy about that one. And the Jumpers finished her Open Jumpers title. Then she seemed a little pokey in Elite regular, and something caused us to NQ but I don't remember what. I let Cheri run her in the next round to see if it perked her up, and it did. She ran great for Cheri-but she lost time either looking for me or thinking she was done and headed for the exit. So they NQ'd on time faults. Then I ran her in Novice Touch and GO where she took an off course tunnel.

Sunday started out with Elite regular-first round we struggled with the hoops, she'd rather go to the jumps. Round two was a Q, Elite jumpers was clean but over time. She started out a little slow and got faster, but not fast enough for Elite NADAC courses! The chances course was hard, but she tried and then we finished up with a Q in open Tunnelers which finished her title.

Trip did great on his first big trip. He was really good in the car, hotel, and at the trial. A lot of people really liked him but they all seemed to think they had enough dogs already!

And check out this magnet I bought. Right now it's on the fridge, but I will move it to the car once it's cleaned. Remind you of anyone?


Diana said...

Congrats on the weekend! The magnet is way to cool. Diana

LauraK said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, successful weekend. I'm trying NADAC for the first time on May 1, Riley should like it since the courses are wide open. She loves to run! That little Trip needs to find a new home, he is too cute! Congrats on the Qing weekend :)