Friday, April 9, 2010

Take two

Several years ago, when we bought our first house, we decided having a vegetable garden would be a good idea. We found a nice spot, dug up all the grass, and planted several nice rows of seeds. The next day the rainstorm of the century (all right, that might be an exageration) came and washed all the little seeds out of their rows. After that we couldn't tell which plants were weeds and what were our plants so we let everything grow. Then the whole thing became such a mess that we just quit taking care of it. We ended up with like one tomato and two tiny cucumbers. We decided not to try gardening again.

This year I thought enough time had passed that I was brave enough to try again. After three days of back breaking digging I had a nice spot dug up. This time I bought mostly started plants instead of seeds. I have terrible luck growing anything from seed. Once I realized how big some of them will get I realized I had purchased toomany. So I had to plant some things in an alternate location.

In a couple months we will see if I have any produce! I'll keep you posted.

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